MSM Powder

Its function is to support the health, maintenance  and repair of skin, joints and may assist in pain management.

MSM is a natural form of Sulphur, an important  precursor  required by the body to create Collagen and Keratin, a must for healthy connective tissue in particularly tendons, ligaments, skin, hair and nails.

Abstract from article published online March 2017

Methylsulfonylmethane: Applications and Safety of a Novel Dietary Supplement

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) has become a popular dietary supplement used for a variety of purposes, including its most common use as an anti-inflammatory agent. It has been well-investigated in animal models, as well as in human clinical trials and experiments. A variety of health-specific outcome measures are improved with MSM supplementation, including inflammation, joint/muscle pain, oxidative stress, and antioxidant capacity.


“I have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  One that had surgeries for luxating patellas in her rear legs from around 12 months old (currently age 12), and the other showing signs of arthritis due to ageing (currently age 10).  I was searching for a green lipped mussel based product and started using joint armour plus. My cavalier with arthritis improved quite quickly with my other cavalier improving steadily over time.  Both  are no longer limping or showing signs of stiffness, with my younger cavalier now back to jumping off the couch!  I highly recommend this product.  I simply add their dose and mix in with their wet food”.

Tracey (Central Coast, NSW)